Not sure what will meet your needs? Contact me and ask.

I'm always happy to discuss my fee up front, so you know what to expect.

Quick Questions $9

You message me and I answer your question.

Simple as that!

  • "Do I really need new tires like my shop says?"
  • "My car is making this weird noise. Do I need to take it in right away?"
  • "My check engine light is on, can I drive to my parent's house five hours away this weekend?

Sales And Repair Advice $35

Help with more complicated concerns.

  • "Why isn't my car selling on Craigslist? I wrote a great ad!"
  • "I found three cars I think I might like, what do you think of them?"
  • "My shop says I need $1300 of work on my 2004 Accord! Can you translate the estimate for me?"