The Value Package

Sometimes All You Need is Something To Get You From Here to There

  • I hunt down 3-5 cars in your locale that fit what you need so that you can go check them out.
  • I'll remain available to you for further questions for a week.
  • Avoid Craigslist scams & cars with potential or known serious issues.
  • Save time!


The Sport Package

Add Power to Your Purchasing Journey

  • We assess your expectations: price, driving characteristics, & reliability needs¬†and then I'll suggest options based on your needs.
  • I'll shop car listings local to you.
  • I'll handle the initial contact with seller or sales staff and ask the right questions.
  • You show up for the test drives and to negotiate the sale.
  • Includes a 2-week consulting package where I will be available to advise on any issues or questions that come up.



The Premium Package

Ultimate Car Concierge Service

"Find Me a Car & Tell Me Where to Sign"

Perfect for:

  • When you're super-busy or caught off-guard by a sudden change in your automotive needs.
  • Your widowed mom needs a new car but you live too far away to go through the whole process right now -- but you want to make sure no one takes advantage of her.
  • You hate car shopping and negotiating THAT much (Don't worry, I LOVE it).


  • Everything in the Sport Package.
  • I'll test drive the vehicles & handle the discussions with the dealer or seller.
  • I'll meet you at the dealership or the seller's location so we can conduct a final inspection, take a final test drive, sign the papers, and complete the sale.


** Rate is standard for Sheboygan, Manitowoc, & Plymouth, Wisconsin areas.  Milwaukee & Fox Valley would include added travel & mileage fees.