I’m here to make your next big (car) decision easier.

Buying a car can be an exciting event, but it’s also often an overwhelming process. And if you’re on budget, it’s even more stressful and the stakes can seem even higher.

But you can survive the car-shopping experience! I’ve been in car-buying trenches and survived, and with my help, you will too.

I can go with you to shop, I can help you talk to sales staff, I can narrow down local for sale-ads to your best bets, saving you time and hassle. And I can test-drive cars for you and help you eliminate the stinkers.

I can also help via email, phone, text, or Facebook Messenger. I offer packages for every budget, from “beater with a heater” to “he got the promotion!”

I Can Make Life With Your Current Car Easier, Too.

From “do I really need to replace all the tires on my AWD truck at the same time?” to a detailed explanation of your mechanic’s $1,700 estimate on your high-mileage minivan, I’m here to make car ownership easier and less painful. My rates for questions about repair and maintenance concerns are affordable! 

Deep breath. It’s going to be okay.